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    The Western Edge is proud to sponsor the "WE Team".  The Team was established in 2015 and is made up of youth from all across the country, who excel in academics as well as being involved in agriculture. Our team members are involved in Rodeo, Showing, Judging, 4H, and FFA.

    At the Western Edge we know that our youth is our future and we wanted to create a platform to help support and promote these talented young individuals.


    2020/2021 WE TEAM 

    Jaylee Lane - TX
    Katie Richmond - OK
    Myah Swanson - IA
    Evelyn Kramer - IA
    Toby Rochelle - OK
    Allison Kramer - IA
    Harper Wilburn - TN
    Kaden Burger - OK
    Abbi Grahm - WY
    Jack Robbins - AR
    Lawson Woodward - FL
    Wyatt Peterson - OK
    Shaylee Fritchey - IA
    McKet Maher - IA
    Paige Smith - IA
    Memree Hatcher - TX
    Avery Wilburn - TN
    Gracie Smith - IA
    Brooke Crenshaw - OK
    Alea Munoz - TN
    Lauren Cowell - MN
    Laney Montag - IA
    Kinley Greenough - NE
    Grace Collins - OK
    Cassidy Long- IA
    Kobi Brown - OK
    Daisy Howell - AZ
    Parker Crenshaw- OK
    Keaton Street - IA
    Kennedy Greenough - NE
    Kinlee Drake - TX
    Kenzie Johnson - TN
    Korey Cavazos - TX
    Jubilee Stringfellow - OK
    Braedon Ledford - OK
    Mason Davis - OK
    Gracie Snyder - OK
    Jaylee Young - OK
    Kylee Byars - OK
    Shaelynn Hazaleus - OK
    Chazli Massey - OK
    Jaxton Fortner - OK
    Josie Fortner - OK
    Lila Jardine - TX
    Kaiden Stricklen - OK
    Emma Eberline - IA


    If you would like more information on what the WE Team consist of and to be notified when applications open for the 2020/2021 year please email us.