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    National Day of the Cowboy

    National Day of the Cowboy

    What is a Cowboy? According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary it is “one who tends cattle or horses especially; usually mounted cattle-ranch hand” or a “rodeo performer.”


    I say a Cowboy is a heck of a lot more than that! The true definition of a Cowboy is someone who works from sun up to sun down. They work with integrity, honesty, compassion, yet are tough as nails! There is pretty much nothing a cowboy can’t do. They keep the baby calves alive during the long cold winters, they withstand the 100 degree days in the summer putting up hay. They feed America! They compete in a sport where real American Pride is still represented, where God is first in all that they do, because they know that he made them a cowboy for a special reason. They teach values and work ethic to the future generations of Cowboys and Cowgirls! A Cowboy is a larger than life person that can not be replicated.


    Cowboys come in all forms, but what a Cowboy really is, is a God fearing, Country Loving individual, who can out work anyone. A Cowboys handshake still means something in today’s world and he won’t stop fighting for the next generation, to preserve a life that only some could dream of living!


    God Bless the Cowboy & Cowgirl

    2021/2022 Western Edge Youth Team Application

    2021/2022 Western Edge Youth Team Application

    2021/2022 Western Edge Youth Team Applications are now open! If you would like to be a part of the WE Team, please fill out the following application. Applications will remain open until July 21st!


    This team will be made up of select individuals who are involved with rodeo, 4-H, FFA, equine & livestock youth groups, and other youth agricultural programs and clubs in the junior high & high school levels. There will be approx. 40 member selected for the new year, which runs from August 1st, 2021 until July 31st, 2022. Students who will be entering the 6th grade up to students who will be entering their Senior Year of High School for the 2021/2022 school year, are eligible. The Western Edge believes that the youth are our future. We are strong advocates of rodeo and agriculture and want to encourage our youth to participate as much as they can in every aspect of agriculture; whether it has to do with livestock, varied competitions including showing, judging, and the sport of rodeo, agronomy or ag business. We would like to help individuals climb to the top in their special field and be by their side as they do so. We want to encourage participation and leadership in these organizations and reward them for doing an outstanding job. The Western Edge will be choosing competitors through a process that establishes new and upcoming talent, which will uphold our product and integrity. We will factor in GPA, academic achievements, competitor achievements, and future aspirations through the enclosed application. 

    *Find out more about the WE TEAM, when you open the application!